Railings, Staircases and Fully Automated Gates in Kent, London and Essex




Fully Automatic Gate Systems

Automated gates Kent and London. Metal driveway gates. Residential Automatic Gate System.


At JustJac Metalworks we are experts in creating durable, sturdy and beautiful, fully automated gates in Kent and London. Fully automated gate systems are a great addition to your property if you would like to increase security in your home and property. Metal gates make your property far less inviting to intruders but will also help keep any cherished children or pets secure.

Metal gates can add value to your home and will give your property a true sense of refinement. Most importantly, functionality is not sacrificed and you will be amazed at how quickly you will be able to enter and exit your property. We can also incorporate a number of features such as collapsible grilles, security grilles outside the gate and CCTV alarms. So, if you would like to have your own tailored, fully automated gate system in Kent, London or Essex, please contact us to arrange a quote.


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Gates and Railings

Automated gates Kent and London. Metal driveway gates. Metal gates and railings.


Railings can come in a variety of materials including timber and wire, but if you want total security and safety then the number one choice is metal railings. Metal railings are found in both residential and commercial properties and are not only sturdy but extremely easy to clean and maintain. Metal railings always look elegant and we can design railings that match the style of your property whether it be modern or traditional.


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Houses, offices and buildings come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and so, staircases will reflect that. Whether you are looking for a spiral, straight or helical staircase we will be able to construct the perfect staircase for your property. Metal staircases have an enduring look that is perfect for all styles of homes, and the strength of the material will also give you total reassurance when using them.


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Automated gates Kent and London. Metalworker JustJAC. Metal handrails.


Metal handrails are an excellent choice for all staircases whether it be in the home or office. Our handrails will reassure the old and the young alike, and we can help you find the perfect set of handrails that will perfectly complement your stairs.


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Full Fabrication Service

Full Design

If you have chosen us to build your gates, railings or staircases you can rely on us to take care of everything from design to installation. The first stage is for us to examine your requirements and measure your property so we have a clear understanding of what you need.


Once we have a grasp of what you require, we can then build your product. The time it takes will depend on the size and complexity of your item.


Once the item is built our specialist team will install the product on your property.


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Breakdown and maintenance service automated gates Kent and London.

Repairs, maintenance and upgrades to automated gates and metal driveway gates in Kent and London.

Breakdown, Maintenance and Servicing for Automatic Gate Systems

If your gate system has suffered a fault and you need urgent assistance then get in touch with us at JustJac Metalworks. Our specialists will respond as soon as possible and identify the fault quickly before proposing the right solution that will get your gate system back up and running again. Alternatively, if you would like to schedule regular maintenance and servicing to ensure that your gate system is in optimal condition, you can rely on us to keep your gates in top shape!


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Repairs and Upgrades

Should you have a fault with any of your railings, staircases or handrails, then get in touch and we’ll be able to fix it quickly for you.


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Quality Repairs, Upgrades and Maintenance on Railings, Handrails & Automated Gates in Kent, London And Essex

If you are looking for fully automated gates in Kent, London and Essex, get in touch to book a consultation.